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The way we respect nature

Let's face it. Fashion is a dirty industry today, we know. But does it have to be tomorrow?

Today's fashion is a guessing game – all brands need to be good guessers. Which is the trendiest color next spring? Which print or cut attracts most customers? Since guessing creates a lot of waste in unsold products (and we hate waste), we asked ourselves:

"How can we maximize your fashion experience and minimize guessing and waste?"

A tickling thought emerged...

Fashion Personalized close to You

A brand, far from fast fashion, that satisfies our two strongest passions: Individual fashion and sustainability.
(We also have other passions like all human beings like wine, sports and sex, but let's leave them out of this text for now...)

It works like this: You create your unique design on our own high quality and sustainable clothes and accessories. We personalize it in Sweden and send to you. One physical product and a million possibilities. 
One for each individual. On demand. No guessing game.

To sum it up: Unique clothes and accessories for you - less waste for our mother earth.


The "Maximize + Reduce" Equation

Our mottos are now: maximize your fashion desires and reduce everything we can while doing it.
This is how we define the "Reduce" part of the equation:

Reduce Waste + Reduce Plastics + Reduce Chemicals + Reduce Transport + Reduce Animal pain
= Reduce Negative Impact on Our Planet

Reduce Waste

  • Frankenstorm existence rests on personalized products - one physical product and a million possibilities. This means less guessing and minimized waste.
  • Creating high quality products that last long. We hope you design something you like and will keep it long. This reduces waste immensely.
  • We want all our products to be recyclable – hence we:
    • Took away metal and plastic details from our organic cotton hoodies 
    •  We do not have cotton and polyester blends since it is more difficult to recycle. Techniques are being developed on this though, we're keeping an eye on it...
  • We do not give any "giveaways" that you usually just throw away – instead we donate to WWF on yearly basis who help us plant trees.
  • Encourage you as a customer to take your responsiblility - we're in this together, right?
    • Consider your purchase, choose well and buy less. According to your wallet and our mother earth, that's a smart thing.
    • Keep your products away from harm and too much laundry time. Better for both the product and nature.

Reduce Plastics

  • Our products are not individually packed in plastic. A great reduction of plastic.
  • We send out our products in paper packaging to you
  • No hang tags with any plastic in them
  • We use recycled plastic to the greatest extent possible where we need to use plastics (but here we want to improve a lot more..)

Reduce Chemicals

  • Always organic cotton. 
  • Our aim is to have 100% GOTS certified products by 2020. This means we have full tracability in all stages of the production process, from cotton cultivation and fibres to finished product. Our suppliers have focus on environmental concerns and human ethics. 
  • Our garment print colors are OEKO-TEX certified, which means our colors has no harmful effect on the human or environmental health.

Reduce Transport

  • We produce our products as close as possible – mainly in Poland, Turkey and Portugal. From the producers we ship by boat and train.
  • Our coming limited edition collection will be made in Gothenburg Sweden, 3 miles from our HQ which is very locally produced. 
  • When we have not been able to find a quality factory in Europe we do not fly the products home – we take them by train, the best way to reduce transport emissions. 

Reduce Animal pain

  •  We are a 100% vegan brand – no animal derived materials come into our products.
  • Since we do go Vegan, we are well aware that our 'fake leather' products are made out of plastics. We are chasing recycled plastics to the greatest extent possible and currently thinking about how to best recycle our accessories. If you have any ideas of how we can recycle our accessories, please share them with us at hello@frankenstorm.com.

Sustainability is a bit like a cat chasing its tail – everywhere you turn you realize new problems to solve. We will probably never be fully satisfied but we aim high.
If you have any ideas of how we can improve our work regarding sustainability, we're happy to hear them. Please contact us at hello@frankenstorm.com.

Thanks for taking your time reading this.
And welcome onboard on our contribution in making the fashion industry more sustainable.

// The Frankenstorm team